The AKTÍV INGATLANIRODA  founded in 1995 and opened an office in Balatonfüred most frequented place - along the 71 main road - the city center. Dynamic family business plays a key role in the area's real estate market.
The company was founded with the aim to provide comprehensive services to our clients including real estate sale, purchase, bérleményről or whether to invest.
Our office Balatonfüred and its surroundings distributes's property for sale and rent. Up to date, both in our offer panoramic property, family houses, cottages, urban and suburban properties, basement press houses, business properties.
Based on the needs arise constantly expanded its scope of activities of our office so that we are at your disposal qualified and experienced personnel with specialized mediation work related to maintenance of real estate and real estate is carrying.
taking into account the needs of the contemporary importance of active participation in the wider channels, including online and offline marketing tools used to try to meet felfogásunknak, that is precisely and flexibly carry out our activities and thereby build confidence in current and future customers.
We wish our activities in cooperation with foreign and Hungarian partnerirodákkal wide range of professional assistance to our clients.
Company member of the Hungarian Club 300 Real Estate agency encompassing organization.
German and English-speaking staff with over 20 years of expertise and experience in high-quality professional job of even the weekends are welcome to our clients!

Aprecision | flexibility | Trust